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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with LC Sekhose

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LC Sekhose with a dream of serving started his musical journey in the year 2009 when he wrote his first line during his high school days. He is one of the very few upcoming rappers of Nagaland who wishes to glorify the Lord through his raps.
His debut “Forever” written and composed by himself talks about an outcry to the people for a change in our own personal life. The rapper says, ‘I always wanted to bring change or to encourage others for a change in our society.’ The song is produced by a Shillong based producer, Ban Jay King from the group Cryptographic.
Inspired by many rappers worldwide, Sekhose says Eminem was the one who impacted his music life the most.
Today Eastern Mirror shares an exclusive interview with the talented artist.

EASTERN MIRROR: Tell us something about you and your journey in the music industry of Nagaland.
LC Sekhose: As a child I always wanted to do something that I thought I could never make it at. I was timid and shy and I never stood up on stage to sing or to speak. I remember listening to the song “You’re my everything” by Aviation and my attention was caught on the rhythm, storyline, rhyming, and emotions of the song. There on, I try to write songs about my feelings and emotions. Honestly, compared to others, I started fairly late. It was in 2009 where I wrote down the first line in my high school while classes were going on. I practise day and night and was more faithful to this than to my studies. I was so comfortable with it, I started doing rap while studying, walking on the street, kitchen, bedroom, and on our little yard. (My neighbours can relate well). People laughed at me and even my parents did. They thought I was doing something crazy, they thought that I’m paranoid. As time passed by, by the Grace of God, I got the chance to perform in some big shows and with the support and prayer that people gave, I could finally prove to my parents and friends that I’m doing something good.
Been to big shows and was able to perform there, I consider myself lucky and blessed. It is because, I saw many abled and better artists who can do better in those shows but God in his undeniable plan placed me in those shows to humble me and fulfilled His Purpose.
Nagaland is a small state known for its richness in music and culture. To be able to perform in Hornbill Festival and share stage with Legendary singer Methaneilie Jütakhrie, I consider it a privilege and I thank Almighty for all these opportunities. For my first initial 5 years I was doing live shows and in between I featured in Akhrie Slim debut mixtape album. Later, I did a music video with Bangalore based production “Fog Generation”. This year in May, I did a music video with Still production, Nagaland for a Basketball tournament theme. And finally I droppes my single Debut “Forever” in the month of July.

EASTERN MIRROR: When was the first time you took the stage as a rapper?
LC Sekhose: It was in the year 2010, me and two of my friends Atou and Akhri Slim, we called ourselves the G-Canon, performed the first song as a group at a Gospel Camp. We did a remix of the famous song “Bye bye” by Mariah Carey.

EASTERN MIRROR: Whose hip-hop albums did you grow up listening to and who inspired you the most?
LC Sekhose: Like every other kid, Eminem, 50 Cent and Tupac are my favourites. I was more inspired in the way they write the songs and expressed their emotions and feelings through songs than their lifestyles. I can’t relate to everything they say but sometime I felt at peace cause their songs speaks for me. I do wonder sometimes, how can someone be so creative and talented! Then I realised it’s Gods given gift to everyone.
I was truly inspired by many artists but the person who impacted my music life the most is Eminem. I love him so much that I ended learning no songs of his. The respect level is so high that I thought to myself, “you can’t do it like him.” This thought was psychologically implanted in my brain for many years until I performed a cover of his famous song “Love the Way you lie”. Till date, his old songs and new songs never fail to impress and inspire me.

EASTERN MIRROR: If given a chance to perform with an artist of Nagaland..who would it be and why?
LC Sekhose: oppsss….!!! I didn’t expect this question. well! It’s a long list and I can go on but to cut it short I’ll just let you know. First of all Virie was the first artist I wanted to collaborate with (even before she became famous). Luckily, I got several opportunities to perform with her so one from my wish list is fulfilled. Second, I always wanted to perform with a DJ, and to perform with DJ INA was not even in my wildest dream but I was fortunate enough to perform with him and I thanked God for that. Thirdly, I always wanted to be on the stage with NV (Naga Vibe). Sadly, he is not in the music scene for sometime. But if you’re reading this, please give me a chance NV. And finally, I don’t know if this can be fulfilled or not but the artist I wanted to share the stage with is The person who can bring life to the stage and ignite the flames of joy to the crowd, Alobo Naga. Still praying for the opportunity let’s pray I do. I sent him the link of my song Forever and he replied with a thumbs up. It makes me happy. Thank you sir.

EASTERN MIRROR: Top 5 hip hop or rap albums in your playlist.
LC Sekhose: MGK: General Admission
Kendrick Lamar: Damn
G easy: When it’s dark out
Lecrae: Good bad and Ugly.
NF: Therapy session

EASTERN MIRROR: What is your song “Forever” all about?
LC Sekhose: This song talks about an outcry to the people for a change in our own personal life. I always wanted to bring change or to encourage others to change in our society. The song itself is a bit fast rap, but it was fast on purpose. I wanted to paint the picture of a person crying his heart out to the people while the audience does not understand everything he’s saying. It is because only those who sees the pain in his heart will listen to him and understand him even it is hard for the rest. I put in words like “make a change”, “take a pledge”, or “generate this generations” to reach out for a change in ourself then to the world. If you listen carefully you’ll notice the name “Machiavelli” in second verse, who is known as father of Political science who himself was a social reformer. Such are the pick out words I choose to send the message to the people. In all honesty, I also gave a testimony of myself in the song saying “I’m a victim of fame”, “I’ll never be the one to make a wicked name”, “been among the baddest” etc to show how desperate I was. But at the end of the day, the song is about me fighting the odds to be a change. Interestingly, since the song is fast rap and having a thick tongue, it’s not that easy to spit out comfortably. Likewise, it’s not easy to be a change when you have to go through barriers after barriers. The whole song itself is a journey for me that taught me how to fight for good.

EASTERN MIRROR: What do you aspire to become?
LC Sekhose: I always dream to serve God in which ever field I’m put to. Be it music, Arts, Studies, anywhere I am, I want to serve God. I want people to know Jesus. Hearing what I’ve said in the above statements, it looks like a pleasant life but honestly there were ups and down where I was in the edge of giving up but My Jesus never disappoints me. Many people who are better than me are facing the same problem I have faced. They deserve to know Christ who changed my life and gave me happiness. If you’re reading this and have a hard time with your life, Christ change my life and removed my burden. You should try Him.

EASTERN MIRROR: Favourite quote.
LC Sekhose: “I’m not a Gospel rapper, I’m a rapper who knows the Gospel”

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