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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Kimatsung Jamir

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Kimatsung Jamir, has been long known for his presence on ‘The Stage’ Season 1 the first ever English singing reality show which is aired on Colors Infinity. Not a new face in the showbiz, the gifted lad is still remembered for his soulful performance on Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’ on ‘The Stage’.
To his accolade, Jamir is also the winner of Highway Star Voice Hunt contest 2010 and singing is not the only passion he follows. He is a sharp shooter and has participated in various rifles shooting competition and, Jamir confesses he is an ardent dog lover.
Read on to know more of Kimatsung Jamir.

EASTERN MIRROR: How did you start your career as a musician?
Kimatsung Jamir: I always had this dream when I was young right from my school days; I used to take music class. And there was Mr. Antia, our choir conductor who saw potential in me. He made me sing in front of the whole school. And I think along the way I also realized my own potential that’s how it all began.

EASTERN MIRROR: Who has been your greatest influence?
Kimatsung Jamir: I don’t know there are a lot of great artists that I listened to a lot initially! Guthrie, oz noy… Maybe John Mayer really got me playing my guitar too. Not sure. Myself lol. I love Ariana though!

EASTERN MIRROR: How did ‘The Stage’ Season 1 happen? How has your life changed since ‘The Stage’ Season 1?
Kimatsung Jamir: I post videos on Facebook and it so happened that one of my friends who was a talent scout for Vh1 (I think) watched my video and she loved it (joking lol) well she asked me if I was interested for this so and so the TV show and she hooked me up. Like hell yeah! Let’s do this.Hahaha
Mmmm my life is still the same but I get recognized a little more on the streets and stuff you know. There was this person who stalked me for over a year!

EASTERN MIRROR: How did it change you musically and artistically? What was the vital experience and lesson you took back home with you?
Kimatsung Jamir: I studied in a music college, doing a stage performance wasn’t a problem for me but I did learn about the vocal exercises and stuff coz initially I was playing the guitar and not really singing singing you know..
Being in a reality show was crazy! Hardly had time for myself or sleep! I gotta say being in show biz is very hard! We kinda have to be on our toes and get everyone impressed by our personality.

EASTERN MIRROR: You were with some incredibly talented singers and performers on ‘The Stage’, what have been your favourite experience/memorable moments being on the show? Who amongst them were you closest to?
Kimatsung Jamir: Talented performers that’s true, but half the time we were running around for our custom design or rehearsals etc.. But we did spend time when we would all sit together and jam along to some great tunes. Being surrounded by vocalists who nail their parts! Damn I miss that!
I was close to Crystal Malsawmi. Unfortunately she went out the first round…

EASTERN MIRROR: Having seen the national community of musicians, how it works, what are their ideas and suggestions to improve the music scenario here, given the fact that there is no proper label here.
Kimatsung Jamir: I don’t really have much to say on this. But I do know that the place we might be living in should have a good economy to pay the musicians well and support them by going to their shows etc. Quality costs money cannot do with nickle and dime lol. Maybe give chance to new artists!! Y’all should be aiming the younger generation coz they are smart and know somethings we don’t! in music I mean. Most imp we should have a lot of live show venues…the government can’t do much, can they?

EASTERN MIRROR: What are your plans for the future with regard to your music?
Kimatsung Jamir: Music is a hobby for me but a serious one. I am gonna be travelling to explore more scenes and opportunities coz its better outside India right now…i think it’s got to do alot with experience so…but ultimately I have my dads business too.

EASTERN MIRROR: Share something about you that most people do not know of?
Kimatsung Jamir: That I am a national shooter and love gaming. Shout out to all gamers out there!!

EASTERN MIRROR: What’s happening with your life at the moment? What have you been up to?
Kimatsung Jamir: I’m writing some new materials and traveling a lot for inspiration. But like I said earlier, I’ve been making preperations to go abroad for some new experiences and opportunities! Thanks kima out!! Drops mic***


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