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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Imcha Imchen

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The multitalented twenty-year old Imcha Imchen is an upcoming singer /songwriter/producer and audio engineer in the making. His love for music which began at a very young age propelled him to be part of his family band ‘Imchen Brothers’. Read on to learn more about this young lad’s passion for music and his future musical plans as shared with Eastern Mirror’s Rhythm of Love.

EASTERN MIRROR: To start with, for those who may be new to you and your music, tell us about yourself as an artist?
Imcha Imchen: My name is Imcha Imchen (born October 31, 1997), an aspiring Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Audio engineer from Nagaland. Well, I’ve been working with music for the past 10 plus years I guess, time really flies when you enjoy what you love doing. Been recording and posting out online and till date, we’ve managed to come out with three albums under the name “Imchen Brothers” with major help from our parents and sponsors. It’s a blessing I can say, with very little funds we started and it turns out we were not alone. My family, we have strong faith in the Lord and he blesses us at the right time.

EASTERN MIRROR: Who gave you the support to keep writing? Who did you play the early songs for?
Imcha Imchen: Writing songs began at the age of 12 as I wanted to be original and it’s always nice to make people listen to your originality and making them aware that this is what I love doing. You’ll get support from friends and family but at the end is just “you” who knows more about you and believe that one-day dreams can be a reality if you really work hard. As a Christian, most of my performances include the one’s in church and that’s one place for every dedicated musician to show off their talents and praise His name. And that I am really proud of.

EASTERN MIRROR: Tell us about the moment when you decided that music was something that you wanted to do with your life. What prompted you to become a part of the Gospel pop band “Imchen Brothers”? Shed light on the Imchen Brothers.
Imcha Imchen: At the age of 16 in my 10th Std, Music was everything. I could go on using the word “Music” it really soothes me and makes me happy every time. Most of my songs have a specific story behind cause I write songs when am happy and sad-making the audience feel what I feel by pouring out all my emotions.
Imchen brothers was formed in the year 2010 while we were very small but before all this could happen my parents would involve us in programs organized at churches with that small popularity friends and family suggested that we make an album as it would be a good idea to raise funds and help our financial expenses, with prayers and faith we started and boom the album went out to be a commercial success in Nagaland which was later broadcasted in DD northeast channel. So all credit go to our parents who are also Musician and Missionaries, without them supporting I don’t think I would understand what music really is.

EASTERN MIRROR: Your single “The Love letter” was composed with the help of your mom. With the involvement of your mom in composing the song, I believe you have an interesting story behind and the inspiration behind it.
Imcha Imchen: Well, yup it really has an interesting story. It was first released on 2014 and I wrote it for a girl with whom I always passed love letters every night after study hours in the hostel. I thought to myself why not make a song, making it a permanent love letter to be remembered forever. But later in 2017 I wanted to add some fresh beats to this beautiful song and brush up with the lyrics and wanted to express my love song in two languages English and Ao “Naga” and that’s where my mom comes and helps me as I had little knowledge about Ao “Naga”.
Now “The Love Letter” is available only on iTunes, Wynk, Hungama etc

EASTERN MIRROR: Talk us through your song “By my side”.
Imcha Imchen: “By my side” is a song written for a girl I was impressed with at first glance, which features “Jay King” a renowned rapper from Shillong to which he wrote alongside with me.
This song was produced in such a way that the result was both Pop & R&B genre in one song.

EASTERN MIRROR: Describe in your words the music scene of Nagaland.
Imcha Imchen: We’re evolving slowly; Musicians are coming up with great music.
Many recording studios and platforms are being set up giving opportunities for independent artist to show off their skills and talents, where social media plays a vital role. One day I wish to see “Nagaland” as a pit stop for many musicians and enthusiasts, making it known as “Land of the Music festival” all over the world.

EASTERN MIRROR: What changes would you like to see to the music industry to allow you to make a living from your music?
Imcha Imchen: More opportunities – More platforms and Record labels for Artist (Indian English pop) especially in India, a balance with that of Bollywood music would make everything perfect, giving equal opportunities for all genres of music.
With that I think it would do just fine, everyone can make a decent living.

EASTERN MIRROR: What are your immediate music career goals?
Imcha Imchen: Set up a recording studio – Make, Share and Travel the world with my music.

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