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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Fireflood

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Fireflood a Bangalore based gospel band founded on May that perform a mixture of rock & roll and blues music. The seven member band are all professional musicians uniting to infuse an essence of deep fellowship with Christ and bring their audience closer to God through their music.
The band members consist of Jeven John (vocalist) and Kekhrie Ringa (co-vocalist), Algan Lyngdoh (rhythm guitar), Willy Kharlukhi (lead guitar), Aiborlang Marbaniang (bass), Dakerri Shabong (keyboard) and Ethan Alrico (drums).

EASTERN MIRROR: What does your band name signify and where did it come from?
FIREFLOOD: Fireflood is the end time Fire of God that purges purifies and flows like a flood to the human race drowning them in his love.

EASTERN MIRROR: What genre of music do you consider your work to be? Who are your major influences?
FIREFLOOD: Kekhrie Ringa-Our genre is classic rock and blues. Quite a few influences Europe, Guns and Roses, Mr big, Def Leppard, and Etcetera.
Jeven John: The first songs I ever performed were the ones by Kelly Clarkson, Paramore and Krystal Meyers. I’m glad I got to go back to my roots in this band but well, with more skills than I had.
Dakerri: Our genre is a mixture of slow rock with other genres, like a fusion of music. Because of the diversity in the music, we really don’t have major influences, so we’re open to any type of music, whatever music comes to our mind while composing.
Aiborlang: We all came from different tastes in music. I personally was into heavier bands especially Christian metal bands so for me it was kind of refreshing as the songs contain melodic and contemporary stuff..Love what the band made…Totally different from the way I was thinking…..(laugh)
Algan: Our Music is a classic rock genre and my main influences came from my early days like Mr Big, Harem Scarem, Bon Jovi, Damn Yankees and the likes…. also Lincoln Brewster, Whitecross and Petra.
Willy: Modern classic rock with little influence from blues, jazz, funk, pop music. Major influences are Whitecross, Bride, and Lincoln Brewster.
Ethan: Classic Rock and my major influence are Petra, Stryper, Switchfoot, John Mayer, Jason Mraz, B.B. King, and Coldplay.

EASTERN MIRROR: How long have you all known each other? How did you meet?
FIREFLOOD: Kekhrie Ringa-Known each other for more than 3 years some I’ve known for 6 to 7 years and met in the church.
Jeven John: We met at Living Fountain Gates in Bangalore.
Dakerri: It’s been 4 good years and we all met at a church in Bangalore. I’ve known a few beforehand but we didn’t know that music would bring us together.
Aiborlang: I’ve known some of the guys right from my time when I was in Bangalore before my studies…Everyone of us are either in the worship team or member of the church called LFG (Living Fountain Gates).
Algan: I knew most of the Khasi guys from Shillong itself and the others which include Jevan and Kay here in Bangalore.
Willy: Four years ago, we all met in Bangalore in the church.
Ethan: Well some of them I’ve know them for quite some time…like Algan was my senior in school and Dakerri was my junior…then Willy and I have been good friends played together in few places. Then I met Aibor couple of years ago in a concert which we both were performing…then I met Jeven in Bangalore 1 year before I joined Fireflood…and Kekhrie was my classmate when she was studying music at Bangalore….and I’m proud and honoured to call them family now.

EASTERN MIRROR: What got you involved in this in the first place? What inspired you to make music together?
FIREFLOOD: Kekhrie Ringa-Passion for God and the love of music…hard work and determined band members.
Jeven John: It was God’s plan. It’s prophetic band. God brought us together. We as individuals have had our own ups and downs. We all love the Lord in spite of our weaknesses. God is faithful. Our love for Him turned into music and singing.
Dakerri: I believe and know that God brought us together. Actually, for me personally, I didn’t know that I could play such types of music but when Jeven called me, he was there to encourage me right from the start.
Aiborlang: This band lives in prayer every day, as we all came from different backgrounds (genre, life) so each and every members in this family are born again Christians and I have faith with all my heart that we do share the same visions as well as Christ himself says that we are to go and make disciples to the nation (Mathew 26) so I strongly believe we are the great commission sent by God to fulfil the plans according to His will.
Algan: My main involvement is because of my love for music which comes from my Dad. Inspiration comes from my band members and the same genre we share and love.
Willy: The love for God inspired us to work together and writes music for his glory and to spread love, hope and peace.
Ethan: Well when Jeven and Willy with me the vision of the Band, right from the start I felt the connection and had the same motive and the same calling.

EASTERN MIRROR: What are the main themes or topics that your band focuses on?
FIREFLOOD: Kekhrie Ringa-Main themes that we focus are love of God, heartbreak through relationships, peace and salvation of mankind through Jesus.
Jeven John: To glorify Him. Bring all fame to Him alone.
Dakerri: Our theme is Jesus!! That is to bring people to Christ and let them know of His Everlasting and unconditional love!
Algan: God is the central Figure in our band and without him we are actually nothing
Willy: Faith and to move to places to tell people about God’s love.
Ethan: We focus more on songs that talk about Gods love his Grace his Hope for this present generation.

EASTERN MIRROR: What has been your biggest challenge as a band? Have you been able to overcome those challenges? If so how?
FIREFLOOD: Kekhrie Ringa-The biggest challenge is the distance with five of them in the Northeast and two of us in Bangalore. But God always gets us together somehow.
Jeven John: For me…I’m not much of a road trip person especially if I’m not driving.
Dakerri: Our challenge right now is that we’re kind of away from each other as half of the band members are in Bangalore and the other half in Shillong and one in Kohima. But thanks to technology, it’s really not a challenge, rather just a little hard work and lots of communication but everything seems to move in the right direction as for the moment.
Aiborlang: Although we’re just new to the scene…but being together is one thing that we cannot do since some of our main members who play an important role in the band are based outside of Shillong. But thank God we are living in the technology age with social media in our hands so we give it a try in every possible way from exchanging songs, chords to practice session it has help us a lot and boosted our confidence as a band.
Algan: Biggest challenge for us is that we are scattered now though we met all here in Bangalore and hence it’s difficult to come together but nevertheless we manage to get ourselves together by God’s Grace.
Willy: Not being together is the biggest challenge. We can only get better if we do our home work by listening to the songs and make sure we know our part thoroughly.
Ethan: Biggest challenge is that some of us are in different parts of the country and practice is the biggest challenge but we all believe God has his own ways that enables us to work things out.

EASTERN MIRROR: What’s your ultimate direction for your band?
FIREFLOOD: Kekhrie Ringa: Ultimate direction is to glorify God, excel in music and tour the world.
Jeven John: To go where He leads us and well…..I’m enjoying my time with this band already.
Dakerri: The ultimate direction at the moment for the band is to make more songs, fly around and play for God’s glory.
Aiborlang: The ultimate direction of the band is to fulfil the vision i.e. to share the gospel as much as we can this is what God has put in my heart, and to reach out through our songs as well.
Algan: Greater things are yet to come and we just believe that our Lord will direct our every step forward.
Willy: We want to produce another album and to tour across the country as well abroad if God opens the door for us
Ethan: The ULTIMATE direction or aim is that our song reaches to all the corners of the country and even the world…that would make a CHANGE.

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