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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Dream Magnificent

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Dream Magnificent is a Christian band from Nagaland. The members share similar interests and musical vision. The band was formed on July 22 the previous year. They aim to spread the message of the goodness of God.
The band comprises Kukhoto Ringa, Pututemjen Tzudir, Langshie Shiu, and Posa Kezo. Their debut ‘Chosen One’ is all about how one overcomes fear, temptation and trials, and how to fight for what is right. With no particular genre that may define their style of playing, the band follows the seasons of music. Their major influences include Petra, Mr Big, Hillsong United, Newsboys, Avantasia, and Nightwish.
They can be reached on Instagram and Facebook @officialdreammagnificent
Read on to know more about the band.


EASTERN MIRROR: Birth of ‘Dream Magnificent’ in few lines.

Dream Magnificent (DM): Dream Magnificent was formed on July 22 2017. It was a sudden move where we had a particular program at our school i.e (Boy’s Creativity Night) at School Of Music Dimapur. After then we came to recognise that each of us had the same mindset/vision to spread the gospel through our songs, so we decided to strongly work on our profession till the end never-the-less believing God has a purpose in bringing us together as one.


EASTERN MIRROR: Most memorable and most embarrassing performances of the band since its formation.

DM: Performing on December 9 2017, is one of the most memorable performance we had ever experience.  Well,  about the embarrassing moment during our performance it was when we had a technical problem and had to finish up the song.


EASTERN MIRROR: Any set/fixed vision towards spreading the gospel through your songs?

DM: Yes!!  Actually the question has the answer,  the vision of our band is to make people realise the love of God and strongly believe that someday people with no hope/lost gets to know more about God’s mercy and his purpose of sending us to this earth through our song.


EASTERN MIRROR: What is your debut “Chosen One” all about?

DM: Our debut “chosen one” is all about how we overcome our fears,  temptation and trials.  Fighting for what is true as God has chosen us to work for him.


EASTERN MIRROR: Who writes the lyrics in the band? What do the lyrics usually deal with?

DM: As a band all of us come together and manage to make up our lyrics. Our lyrics usually relay on the situations. However,  we tend to go more for the youths of today’s generation and people who are lost with no hope (lost in soul). So, with the high hope that after listening to our lyrics atleast some get hope and become better men.


EASTERN MIRROR: Who among you is the most mischievous brightens the band during practices?

DM: Well each of us are equally mischievous, but we have Kukhoto Ringa who really entertains the band during practice. We really enjoy his presence and sometimes even get irritated.


EASTERN MIRROR: Being a gospel band, do you have any fixed genre? Who are your major influences?

DM: We don’t have any particular genre.  We make our music according to the seasons of music and according to the feelings of our lyrics.  Some of our major influences are Petra, Mr Big, Hillsong United,  Newsboys, Avantasia, and Nightwish.


EASTERN MIRROR: What has been your biggest challenge as a band? Have you been able to overcome that challenge?

DM: Well we faced so many challenges especially when we are to do something great for God.  We also get discouraged on so many things but all these problems never stop us from what we aim to do. With the hope that God’s presence is with us and believing that it will make us better in the future.


EASTERN MIRROR: What should fans look forward too for the rest of 2018 and beyond?

DM: We are working on our new projects,  we also have some new songs done and we are looking forward for the video for the song “chosen one” which will be out by the end of this year.  Indeed if we get any platform we will also be on stage.  So,  fans can look forward for all those exciting activities of our band.

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