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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Dossers Urge

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Dossers Urge is a three piece band formed by brothers David, Gideon and Romeo Kom from Shillong Meghalaya. The band has achieved something most musicians from Northeast will envy, their big break of recording their recently released album ‘Honest Rage’.

The band was selected by Converse to record an album at Rubber tracks Studio in Brooklyn New York after winning ‘Converse Road to Rubber Tracks in India’ last April, thereafter touring five cities across India. 

Dossers Urge is not new to the music scene of Nagaland as they have performed a couple of times in Dimapur city and State capital.

A treat for all Dossers Urge fans, get to know more of the three brothers in conversation with Eastern Mirror’s Rhythm Of Love. One can download Dossers Urge ‘Honest Rage’ at dossersurge.com, Follow Dossers Urge on Facebook: www.facebook.com/dossersurge and find them on indihut.com/dossers-urge

16406907_1542785379079788_1112444567925830134_nEASTERN MIRROR: Please introduce us to the role you each play in Dossers Urge? And the reason behind your band name?

Dossers Urge:Dossers Urge is formed by three brothers David Guitar/Sings,Gideon Drums&Romeo Bass Guitar/Keys/Sings.

I personally think the name dossers urge is pretty lame for a rock band but all good catchy names were taken by everybody else so kept it. Dossers means people who love sleeping so it means the urge to make music by brothers who loves sleeping though not sure the name is relevant with what we are doing .

EASTERN MIRROR: Being a band of brothers, does it add more energy efficient and effective exploitation of music creativity into your music?

Dossers Urge:The energy on stage or studio recordings comes from the idea of having fun while playing rock music. Also, not necessarily this happens because we are siblings but rather we spend more time writing music together. We have been playing together for so long now that the chemistry gets interesting to the point where one feels it effects exploitation of music creativity positively yet still keeping things abstract.


EASTERN MIRROR: How was it like working with the guys back in Brooklyn for the album ‘Honest Rage’?Talk us through your song ‘Honest Rage’

Dossers Urge:The Converse Rubber track Studio in Brooklyn NY has enough gears/instruments to follow up any international artist tech rider for both recordings & live performance. Being three piece band we had ample options on how to track the songs. Each of us had our own engineer to arrange/assist which made things run smoothly &professionally. Super cool to have worked with complete chilled out crew at the studio. ‘Honest Rage’ album is a compilation of songs recorded in Brooklyn & back home. Most of the songs compiled in the album were recorded/mixed by Aaron Bastinelli who is a Brooklyn based Converse rubber tracks engineer. The other songs in the album were recorded back home in Shillong.This album is an honest approach to pen down on things happening in one’s everyday life. There is a song about relationships, about getting stoned, about missing home when on tour, songs about innocence.

EASTERN MIRROR: How did it change you musically and artistically? What was the vital experience and lesson you took back with you?

Dossers Urge:Working with professionals in a professional studio boosts your sense of approach towards making music.It pushes you to touch every corner of your creativity and ideas. You tend to bring that vibe back home and nurture it to create something more honest & interesting be it technically or as an artist. What we have learned is finding Dossers Urge true identity/sound as a band both technically & artistically. It is good to have influence from other musicians musically but pointless to repeat something which is done already.

EASTERN MIRROR: Having seen the international community of musicians, how it works, what are their ideas and suggestions to improve the music scenario here, given the fact that there is no proper label here.

Dossers Urge:There is no proper label right now which will positively impact the music scene .Shortage of venues which can host live events every weekends. Musicians need to keep the listeners/fans interested so that more avid listeners would start attending gigs. Finally the lack of proper coverage and promotion.

EASTERN MIRROR: If you were to compare Northeast music scene with the world, how long is it going to take us to grow/develop?

Dossers Urge:With our pace right now it will take forever to come in comparison with the international scene.

EASTERN MIRROR: Having performed in Nagaland couple of times, what is your take on the music scenario of Nagaland?

Dossers Urge:Nagaland has good amount of musicians in fact many of them are our good friends and every-time we have performed here it has been super fun. I noticed Nagaland scene is isolated from rest of the country where everyone knows everyone in the music scene.As of now it is stagnant since the live show culture needs to emerge from the avid listeners and fans.

EASTERN MIRROR: How hard has it been for Dossers Urge to be where you are at the moment?

Dossers Urge:Initially when we started like everyone else we didn’t have the regular platforms to perform yet we kept playing because music kept us going. Dossers urge is five years now and to be at this moment we feel this is only the beginning of what the band is about to venture and bring to the table.

EASTERN MIRROR:Are you looking for any tour?

Dossers Urge:We have planned to tour the country with this album.

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