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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with ‘Disciple of Love’

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‘Disciple of Love’ an alternative rock band from Longleng district is a four member team. Their journey to music started in 2008 when they got together for Music Safari. With their stint at Music Safari, there was no looking back for this young group.
Their debut album “Everyone goes down” was an eight year dream of the band which was materialised in two months time and released earlier this year.
Disciple of Love talks about their musical journey and their aspirations with Rhythm of Love.

EASTERN MIRROR: For the record, could you guys introduce us and the role you play in Disciple of Love?
Disciple of Love: Disciple of Love comprises of Denlei Angh on vocal, Shambit Sharma on drums, Monglang Phom on bass and Francis B. Lungthah on lead guitar.

EASTERN MIRROR: How did ‘Disciple of Love’ come into reality? Talk us through your journey and the reason behind your band’s name.
Disciple of Love: We started as “P-Branch” during the 2008 Music Safari in the eleventh hour where we also got the opportunity to represent Longleng district. This opportunity made us realise and discover our talent to work harder under our late vocalist Lungpang Angh which was later replaced by his younger brother and our present vocalist Denlei Angh.
We had a brain storming session to find a good and suitable band name and decided with “Disciple of Love”. This name was conceived by our guitarist through his dream where he dreamt that he had surrendered to Satan’s power and by the time he woke up from his dream, it was 3 am which then reminded him of the Bible verse ‘Matthew 26:75’. Through this Bible verse we decided to settle on ‘Disciple of Love’ which also has an important effect.

EASTERN MIRROR: What’s the story behind your album title “Everyone goes down”?
Disciple of Love: It was our guitarist who came up with the song ‘Everyone goes down’ when one of his favourite WWE Wrestler Randy Orton lost his title match with the Miz (Hahaha). After that episode we sorted the song together. We are glad that this song now reflects not only to one person but also to each and every individual who are chasing after their positive goal in life.

Eastern Mirror: How does the song writing process works for you? Working as a group is not easy especially when each individual has different ideas and taste. How do you work it out?
Disciple of Love: We listen to a lot of songs and do not confine to just a particular genre. Following a wide range of genres, keeping ourselves updated with as many songs to our best ability has really helped us in our song writing process.
Yes working as a group with different taste and ideas is not always easy. We have different ideas as a band and as individuals, but we focus in our own gifts that we take part. Even in a family there are differences when it comes to ideas and taste- but with understanding. Likewise we, as far as possible, trust each other more like a family and encourage each other instead of letting our varied ideas come in between us and most importantly-our Music.
Though we spend our time studying as students but deep down we still have and continue with the passion of writing songs, playing music and update with our passion.

EASTERN MIRROR: What’s the most challenging part of being a musician?
Disciple of Love: Most challenging part as a musician individually is, as a drummer we face criticism working together as a band, as a bassist it is not easy to create opportunity to showcase one’s ability and as a guitarist it is difficult to play and keep the band going if any of our guitar string snaps (that was on our individual point of view).
However with all those challenges, at the end of the day we are musicians and we would like to encourage people with our songs and music penned down with different feelings and reach the hearts of people.

EASTERN MIRROR: Besides hard work what advice would you give to aspiring musicians out there?
Disciple of Love: It’s great to be musician because music has no border. Besides hard work we would like to advice aspiring musician out there to always uphold God and prayer before embarking on their career as a musician because being able to sing is a special gift from God.

Eastern Mirror: What’s next for your band? Any project in pipeline?
Disciple of Love: Yes, we are looking forward with our music career. Now that we are maintaining balance between our studies and music there is no such projects but Yes, we are still working on our music video which will be out soon.

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