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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Dieze Sothu

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Mirror shares an interview with a young musician who has recently graduated from St. Joseph’s College.

Dieze Sothu says, ‘writing and composing is something that I really love and I hope someday I can help dreamers like me achieve their goals.’

The singer has recently released his debut single “Twist and turns” on indihut.

He says that his personal experiences, good movies and imagination plays a big role in helping him write and compose music.

Read on….



EASTERN MIRROR: How would you like to introduce yourself to those who haven’t heard of you yet.

Diezelhou Sothu: Hi I am Diezelhou Sothu but friends call me Dieze Sothu ..I  graduated from St. Joseph’s college  just few days back with chemistry as my major.

Though I was interested in music from my childhood I did not have any formal music training, I learned a few guitar chords during my high school days from my hostel warden and that’s when I started using that little knowledge to write, compose and share my own type of music.


EASTERN MIRROR: Your first onstage performance and what was the experience like ?

Diezelhou Sothu: Singing was something I always loved to do even when I was a little kid and performed when I get the opportunity..but my  major gig  was during a concert and it did not go that well ..haha ..becoz of lack  of practice and that’s when I learned that whether it be an original song or cover, practice is always required.


EASTERN MIRROR: Your influences?

Diezelhou Sothu: I think my warden would be my biggest influence in music who helped me learn how to play with tunes. And my friends for their constant support and trust which helped me in boosting my confidence.


EASTERN MIRROR: Any originals released so far? If so, what inspires you the most when it comes to composing?

Diezelhou Sothu: Yes, I have uploaded my first original song last October at indihut titled “Twist and turns”

And Ummm I think personal experience, good movies and imagination all play a role in helping me write and compose music.


EASTERN MIRROR: If given a chance to perform on stage with a local band/artist who would you choose and why?

Diezelhou Sothu: ehhh hard to choose but if given a chance I think I would love to perform with my idol  Alobo Naga as he has great music taste and a person with wonderful and positive attitude and it will be really awesome as he has massive experience in and outside our state and  abroad as well. So I believe performing alongside him would  really be beneficial as I will get to learn more about performing and lots more. (Hahaha..)


EASTERN MIRROR: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Diezelhou Sothu: ummm I don’t know what my future holds but in 10 ten years time whether rich or poor I believe I will be a happy man as I am doing what I love..


EASTERN MIRROR: Who is you all time favourite musician?

Diezelhou Sothu: My all time favourite artist will no doubt be Ed Sheeran, I admire him for his skills in writing and producing great music and also  the way he performs just with his guitar ..I believe he is a true artist with all the required qualities


EASTERN MIRROR: Any upcoming activities for the year 2018?

Diezelhou Sothu: Yes, I have some exciting  news .. hehe..I was given a small project to write two songs for a short movie directed by Hriiyio Paul Naga and I am taking the leading role..I don’t know how my acting will come out but  the story line is just too good.. we have just finished our shooting ..so I ask everyone to please stay tuned and show some love when it’s out . The movie “My cloud Fairy” will be out next month.


EASTERN MIRROR: Favourite quote.

Diezelhou Sothu: “It’s best being yourself instead of trying to be someone else”..

These few words will be my favourite quote as it always keeps telling me to be someone I want to be.

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