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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Coalesce

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‘ Coalesce’, formed just a few months back is a four member metal band based in Kohima, they all grew up listening to world class heavy metal bands like Iron Maiden, Dio, Metallica and Nightwish to name a few.
With the formation of ‘ Coalesce’, the band wishes to bring metal back to the present scene because they believe that metal scene in Nagaland over the years has decreased.
Their debut ‘Dissidence’ song talks about the society that we all reside in and the presence of a system which tries to dominate the people and the society itself while reflecting how people are trying to defy the laws set by the system and to overthrow it.
Find out more about the band through this interview.

EASTERN MIRROR: To start with, tell us something about ‘Coalesce’ that you would like people to know about.
Coalesce: Coalesce is a Metal/Rock Band based in Kohima, It was Formed in the year 2017 by four young artists who loved listening to Heavy music and were influenced by it while growing up.
The members consist of
Zodin (Vocalist)
Mhao Ngullie (Drums)
Nokcha and Icusing (Guitars)

EASTERN MIRROR: What drove you to form a metal band?
Coalesce: Every Member of our Band loves Metal or has had influences listening to Heavy music while growing up. Though the Metal Music Scene in Nagaland has decreased over the Years with different genres of Music coming up. We feel like its Time to bring Metal back to the present scene again.

EASTERN MIRROR: What’s the most ‘metal star’ thing that the band has done since its formation?
Coalesce: We are fairly new to the Music Scene, so we still haven’t had our ‘Metal Star Diva’ moments just yet Hahaha…

EASTERN MIRROR: Who would you say are your greatest musical influences
Coalesce: Our Musical influences are so diverse that We listen from Bands like Iron Maiden, Dio Metallica, to bands like Periphery, Killswitch engage, Nightwish. We even listen to genres like Country and Pop Music just to expand our creativity. Moreover the band does not define their sound to a particular style of music and tends to be Flexible in their Approach

EASTERN MIRROR: Strangest venue or gig the band ever performed?
Coalesce: The band was formed not so long ago and since its formation the band had just one show, So we didnt face any strange or Awkward venues…Not just yet

EASTERN MIRROR: What is your debut ‘Dissidence’ all about?
Coalesce: The Song ‘Dissidence’ talks about the society that we all reside in and the presence of a system which tries to dominate the people and the society itself. It reflects on how people try to defy the laws set by the System and to overthrow it

EASTERN MIRROR: Dream tour of ‘Coalesce’?
Coalesce: Probably a tour with Dream Theater or Metallica that would be great…

EASTERN MIRROR: Who writes the lyrics in the band? What does the lyrics usually deal with?
Coalesce: The Lyrics are written mostly by our Vocalist and our Guitarist Nokcha. Our lyrics mostly talks about the Bittersweet moments of life, Positivity and Unity

EASTERN MIRROR: Any last comments?
Coalesce: Making music comes as a Passion and should never be forced and to always trust in what you are doing.

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