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Rhythm of Love; In conversation with Chusi Rhakho

By   /  September 28, 2017  /  Comments Off on Rhythm of Love; In conversation with Chusi Rhakho

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Chusi Rhakho, a young budding singer-rapper and songwriter started his romance with music as a frontman for the band ‘detoxified’ during his high school days.
Rhakho believes that it’s important to have dedication and belief in oneself without which one can never excel in life be it music or any other profession.
Rhakho who grew up playing with buckets as drums and artificial guitars has recently released his debut single ‘Blessings’. His single is a message for younger generations.

Read on to learn more about the dedicated Rakho!

EASTERN MIRROR: Let’s start off with a little background about how you started.
Chusi Rhakho: I always had a passion for music from a very small age. I still remember how pumped up I would be for music doing crazy stuff like listening to some rock music and playing drums with the buckets in the bathroom and rock with my artificial guitar dancing around all alone, it was so insane but indeed it was really fun those days. However my musical journey really started during my high school days watching my seniors and friends perform during the various school functions. I wanted to share the stage with them. Then one fine day, I gathered my courage and decided to take part in school function. Once I felt comfortable being on the stage, I decided to take a step forward and formed a band called ‘Detoxified’ with my friends back in 2013. This is how my romance with music started initially.

EASTERN MIRROR: Your influences
Chusi Rhakho: There are many artists who have influenced me in music but among all of them there are some artists like Lecrae, 1k Phew and Andy Mineo who have influenced me a lot. Besides that my brother is one of the people who have influenced me so much in my rapping. Shout out to my brother.

EASTERN MIRROR: How would you describe your music?
Chusi Rhakho: There’s no particular genre at the moment however i’d like to learn more on the gospel rap/hip-hop scenario.

EASTERN MIRROR: Seeing the growing number of musicians in the state..what do you think is needed for those who wish to take ‘music’ as a career and to compete with the rest of the world.
Chusi Rhakho: I think it’s important to have dedication and belief in oneself. Without them, we’ll never be able to strive for excellence. Be it music or in any other field. Also being unique and personal style, that makes us stand out of a crowd always helps.

EASTERN MIRROR: What is your debut single ‘Blessings’ all about?
Chusi Rhakho: ‘Blessings’ is like a message for the younger generation. It is mainly to let them know that Life is the greatest gift from God. It doesn’t matter who or what we are, God has blessed us with a purpose and it should be explored and fulfilled.

EASTERN MIRROR: What’s the best piece of advice to all young music aspirants?
Chusi Rhakho: Always believe in something that you aspire to do. Criticism will always be a part of life but don’t ever give up. Work hard and stay humble. Above all put God first and he will surely lift you up.

EASTERN MIRROR: Have you had any ‘formal’ music training?
Chusi Rhakho: I don’t have any formal music training. I am just following my passion in the best way I can.

EASTERN MIRROR: How would you rate ‘indihut’ for their contribution towards the promotion of local artists of the state and across the globe.
Chusi Rhakho: Top marks! Indihut has really been doing a lot for the local artists. They have provided a means for the local artists to showcase their work beyond Nagaland. I believe this has helped a lot of aspiring singers/bands to reach out to a wider audiences. Kudos to Indihut.

EASTERN MIRROR: Anything else that you would like people to know about you.
Chusi Rhakho: Besides music, one other thing I’m passionate about is football. I’m a huge Manchester United fan and i’d like to give a shout out to all the Red Devils. GGMU.

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