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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Chingmei Shükshuhü Phom

By   /  January 26, 2017  /  Comments Off on Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Chingmei Shükshuhü Phom

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Chingmei Shükshuhü Phom who gave up his studies to follow his dream of singing has recently released his debut single “Real Men Don’t Rape” that speaks of the present situation of women being victimised.
The song with the useful message is being sung in English and Nagamese.
Chingmei from Yongnyah Hongnyü village wishes to bring about positive change in society through his songs.
Few of his favourite bands include- Metallica, Megadeth, Methaneilie, Jütakhrie, Incipit, Purple Fusion, etc.

IMG_20161129_152905EASTERN MIRROR: How would you like to introduce yourself as a musician…..
Chingmei Shükshuhü Phom: I’m from Yongnyah Hongnyü village of Longleng, brought up in a Christian family. Loves all genres of music and I hope to make a difference in our society through my music one day.

EASTERN MIRROR: Who were/are your inspirations?
Chingmei: My first foray into learning music myself was an inspiration from these notable artists: Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera and Christian rock bands like Petra, Stryper and Bride. Besides, I love listening to our local artists: Methaneilie Solo Jütakhrie, Alobo Naga, Incipit, Purple Fusion, Tetseo Sisters, Jano Nyekha, Mengu Soukhrie, Divine Connection, Toxic Peace, UDX and Tali Angh.

EASTERN MIRROR: Elaborate a little on your debut single “Real Men Don’t Rape”. And what in your opinion makes a real man?
Chingmei: This particular song “Real Men Don’t Rape” is based on social milieu, mainly portraying the parameters of the present scenario:
The harassment, or persecution, rape, crisis etc towards women folk.
This act perpetually convulsed and induced me to pen down into writing. Indeed, I’m just a layman, not an attention seeker nor trying to prove how brave I am but I respect every woman like my own mother and sisters. As of biblical allusion defines, “Violence against women or girls” is a sin. So through this song, I would like to spread a message to the world that “let’s respect and love our mothers and sisters because they are beautiful artefacts of God.

IMG-20170120-WA0008 (2)EASTERN MIRROR: Any regrets on quitting your studies to follow your dream career?
Chingmei: A BIG NO…haha
Indeed, I feel proud of myself for taking the right choice to discover and follow my dream.

EASTERN MIRROR: How would you like to see yourself ten years from now?
Chingmei: In ten years, I would like to see myself as the person who brought change in our society through my songs. Also hope that at least people would take a positive way in bringing a change in our society to a better one, irrespective of class or tribe.
I hope I succeed in what I dreamt of.

EASTERN MIRROR: Your opinion on the present music scenario of Nagaland and the role of MTF in the state.
Chingmei: Talking about our present music scenario, I hope and believe that though with the coming of modernisation, we must not forget our rich culture, and local music created by our forefathers with their local instruments. I really would like to come up with music that incorporates local instruments so that I can help keep our culture and tradition alive.
And I being new to this field, I feel our music industry is growing bigger and our taste of music has matured a lot. I see a whole lot of new talents coming up from our own backyard and MTF, with the right approach and a little more effort should be able to push and materialize our talents.

EASTERN MIRROR: What is the one thing that strikes your mind when you speak of the state in general? (It can be issues, concerns, etc.)
Chingmei: One thing that strikes in my mind is we don’t have “civic sense” and it’s quite prevalent across all sections of the society. That is the reason we don’t respect public property.
People have no consideration towards his/her own fellow beings.
Certain factors rampant like corruption, tribalism, gender biased, rape etc are due to lack of civic sense and no sign of responsibility.
We ought to sort out or tackle them by educating our fellow friends concerning its importance for the betterment of one’s life.

EASTERN MIRROR: When can we expect your next release?
Chingmei: I’m working on it and will be releasing it very soon.

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