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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Atsho-Ü Thele

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Meet Atsho-Ü Thele who is also known by her stage name Gigi Ale, a rookie in the music industry who has already made her presence felt with her enthralling voice and her first original debut music video “Drowning” produced by Richa Productions. Introduced to music by her parents who are equal music enthusiasts, Ale takes us through her melodious journey in today’s Rhythm of Love.

EASTERN MIRROR: Tell us about your early phase into the music industry? When did you realize you wanted to do music?
GIGI ALE: The love for singing took its toll on me early in life. I grew up amidst echoing sounds of my mother’s melodious folk songs and my father’s eccentric taste in music.
My parents would sit together and sing their love songs to us. And my siblings and I would accompany them in making merry. My father would bring home records of bands such as Dire Straits, The Beatles, Dio, Deep Purple, to name a few, And I think that gave me an exposure into the music world. I would always be humming a tune or two; I never really looked much into taking it seriously initially though. But something had to happen in my life and I started writing a lot. I felt the urge to turn mere words and bring them to life, So I started to compose and with the meeting of the right people at the right time, I was able to release my debut single ‘Drowning’ on 15th Aug, 2017.

EASTERN MIRROR: A few words for people who haven’t listened to your music yet
GIGI ALE: We are the generation of heartbreaks. Everyone has gone through something or the other that has turned their life upside down.
And we are looking for a remedy. My song talks of loneliness, pain and the inexpressible phases that a person goes through. It also gives a ray of hope, as thin as it maybe, without hope, we’d all be dead.
My song is of reality, perseverance and endurance, to reflect our soul and mirror out the person that we really are and embrace ourselves. The number of depressed people increases with every sunrise. And if, out of that, I could make one person feel better, then I’d say I’ve achieved something.

EASTERN MIRROR: Talk us through your first original debut music video “Drowning”
GIGI ALE: I had an amazing experience working with beautiful people for my first debut music video.
It is a very subtle video with the sky as the wallpaper and nature as props and that gives off a breezy feel to the song as well.
Being a first timer, it was kind of a hard task for me to be in front of the lenses. My director is a very warm-hearted person. His patience is commendable. We tried to convey the song in a calm tone through the video.

EASTERN MIRROR: Tell us on the song writing process that you go through. What draws inspiration for your songs?
GIGI ALE: Well, I mostly write after midnight because there’s silence and in silence there is just you and your mind. And in silence, you can escape to where you wish to be. There are a lot of things going if you just sit still and listen.
I am hardly never inspired. Everything around me is an inspiration. The clouds, the birds, the greens, the sky and every minute thing that falls under it.
My song comes from the sight of people suffering and the urge to shift a plate for betterment.

EASTERN MIRROR: There are many talented artists in Nagaland who have created a niche. Who would you like to work with and why?
GIGI ALE: Yes of course. There are many talented artists who have made their own mark in this industry. Kudos to them.
The one artist I would like to work with if you’re asking me is Lelo. His song ‘The Tempest’ is so brilliant and he is one artist who is creating his own wave.

EASTERN MIRROR: What are the challenges and rewards that come from working as a musician?
GIGI ALE: The responsibility of a student and musician sometimes clashes. And the challenge is to set priorities. As I cannot miss classes, I hit the studio right after my classes and get home late.
And though my parents are supportive of me doing this, it gets hard sometimes because people do say anything.
The rewards though, from doing what I love, just give me contentment.
Even as I have just sprouted out, I have met many wise and hard working people whose stories have motivated me and it comes to me as an encouragement.
All in all, in the end everything is worth it. Despite the challenges, the rewards overshadow.

EASTERN MIRROR: What’s next for you?
GIGI ALE: I will continue to sharpen my blade, keep writing and keep singing.
I will try to balance my studies and my music so that both remain unharmed.
I’m currently working on a new song. And hopefully, it gets better. I’m pumped up but not rushing it.
In addition before signing off, I’d like to thank my parents for their consideration, for understanding and supporting me from scratch.
I’d like to thank my manager, Ato Richa for believing in me even when I could not believe in myself,
Shout out to my producer, Joel Sakkari, for accentuating my song with his beautiful music.
I’d like to thank Richa Productions for the wonderful work and Medo Kense for his hearty assistance.
Also, my friends and family for always encouraging and motivating me.
For better or for worse, everything that has happened in your life has happened for a reason. It has led you to where you are today. And if you don’t like where you stand, then you are the proprietor of change because life’s what you make it.
Life will get impossible sometimes.
That’s just the way it is, and when it does remember that straight roads never make a skilful driver.

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