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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Arola Jinger

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The young and talented Arola Jinger, has already made an impressive start in the Nagaland music scene by winning the 9th Music Awards of Nagaland Best Pop (female) category for her first original “Summer Song” produced by Richa productions.
The 17 year old is presently studying in Little Flower Higher Secondary School, Kohima, read on to learn what jinger shared with Eastern Mirror about her musical journey.

EASTERN MIRROR: At such young age you have made a commendable mark in music. Talk us through your musical journey.
Arola Jinger: Well, to be honest I didn’t start singing at the age of three or four and I didn’t quite know I could sing, apart from group singing at Sunday schools and churches. My first experience with music was percussion- the drums. I joined drumming class and whenever I practice I hum songs to match the beat with the drumming and things escalated quickly and the next thing I know I was singing at churches and functions. Believe me when I say it wasn’t easy for me. You know, the best thing that happened is that I never gave up despite all the criticisms; I was optimistic and stern about my music.

EASTERN MIRROR: For people who haven’t listened to your music yet, why would you want them to listen?
Arola Jinger: That’s quite a question. Ha-ha… well, you see for a newbie and amateur music enthusiast like me the struggle I had to face while trying to make a mark in the music industry is immense. I guess I just need them to hear me out and the message I’d like to share through my music. I am just a little girl trying to make a noise through my music and I need a lot of support from everyone.

EASTERN MIRROR: What and who are your inspirations?
Arola Jinger: You know, inspiration comes in many ways unimaginable. I had the honour of meeting so many people and so many of them are so inspiring. The most common thing about them all is their ability to never give up in life and in music. They inspired me a lot from renowned musicians to my neighbour next door to the majestic mountains I could see from my window to the smallest butterfly. To me inspiration lies in the smallest of things or people that thrive and struggle to be a part of something good.

EASTERN MIRROR: What are the challenges and rewards that come from working as a musician?
Arola Jinger: People often tell me to pursue music after I completed my studies as being a musician at this young age could be a problem with my studies. They are partly right due to the fact that the most challenging factor I face is ‘TIME’. Being a student, apart from going to classes, extracurricular activities and exams I had to keep pursuing my dream of becoming a musician. There are of course so many hurdles but I guess management of time is the most challenging of all. So I think that answers the first part of the question. Coming to the second part I think the reward is the opportunity to meet such amazing and talented people from whom I learn a lot and get inspired. I give all credit to those people who helped me to see differently through music.

EASTERN MIRROR: You recently won the award for Best Pop (female) for you first original “Summer song” at the 9th Music Awards of Nagaland. Talk us through the making of the song. Did you expect to receive the award?
Arola Jinger: I am very much flattered and honoured for the award. You know I never expected that I would get the award owing to the fact that so many great and awesome singers were nominated alongside me. I find myself very fortunate to have met Dr. Teputo Richa as my sound engineer who believed in me all this time. I also thank Richa Productions team who made such effort on my single ‘Summer Song’. Their patience and hard work really did inspired and helped me a lot in the making. I owe them everything. My producer Joel Sakkari did so much for me by bringing magic to the song. Indeed it was endless hours of practice and retakes and sleepless nights of practices but in the end we came through. I am not complaining though, instead it was fun and magical getting to work with them all.

EASTERN MIRROR: How do you balance your music with other obligations as a student?
Arola Jinger: As I have said earlier ‘TIME’ was what I needed in plenty. Hahaha… balancing studies and music was a matter of priority and I tried to prioritise both equally and yet ended up leaning more towards the later. One side it was my mom telling me to give more time towards my studies and the other side my passion towards music. Well, all said and done, now it is time for me to get back to my lair and start preparing for my finals, wrapped in blankets, summer in my mind and books in my hand. Hahaha…

EASTERN MIRROR: Do you aspire to take your music forward? What’s next for you?
Arola Jinger: I believe so. Music is Life. I don’t know what’s stored for me but I am sure music is going to play an important role in my life. Let’s all hope and pray that it’s not all downhill from here. I will need support from you all. The next big thing will be my finals…ha-ha… after that let’s see what happens.

EASTERN MIRROR: Final Thoughts?
Arola Jinger: To me music is heart and soul. It brings out the best of you. I thank God for all that’s happening in my life, I thank my mother for not giving up on me and my brother and two sisters for the constant support and help. I thank everyone whom I came across and helped me in a way or the other; I also thank my school Little Flower Higher Secondary School, Kohima for bringing out the best in me and providing me with a suitable platform to mould me. See you all soon. Bye.

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