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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Angeu Disuang

By   /  February 15, 2018  /  Comments Off on Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Angeu Disuang

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Angeu Disuang commonly known as Anio is a music enthusiast who started singing at a very young age in churches and various other public spaces.
Anio who is the winner of Naga Talents Promo 2016 and also one of the finalists of Gospel Voice Hunt 2015, says that her participation shaped her and rebuilt her into a stronger and more matured musician.
Her debut single “Carry On” is an appeal to every individual to stay strong in times of adversity and carry on to find consolation in the long run.
Anio is presently pursuing vocal classes at School of Music and Art in Dimapur and is determined to chase her dream of becoming a well known musician.
Eastern Mirror shares exclusive insights of the artist’s musical journey in today’s Rhythm of Love

EASTERN MIRROR: For those who may be new to your music, how best would you describe yourself as a musician?
Angeu Disuang: I’m Angeu Disuang loved ones call me Anio, a music enthusiast who started singing at the very early age. Gospel, pop, ballad, country music has always been my favourite. I was the finalist of Gospel voice hunt 2015 and also the winner of Naga Talents Promo 2016. I’m determined in chasing my dreams to be a great music artist.

EASTERN MIRROR: Your influences?
Angeu Disuang: My deep love for music was my greatest influence, of course, my family and friends were also part of it.

EASTERN MIRROR: Do you wish to take music as a profession or…..and where do you wish to see yourself ten years from now?
Angeu Disuang: Yes, I wish to take music as a profession.
To be a pioneer in giving the greatest platform and biggest role to all the musicians and encourage them in all possible tasks. And definitely spreading the wings of Naga musicians in other parts too.

EASTERN MIRROR: What is your debut “Carry On” all about?
Angeu Disuang: My debut single “carry on” is to appeal every individual to be sturdy in times of adversity and carry on to find consolation in the long run.

EASTERN MIRROR: How was your experience of being a part of Gospel Voice Hunt and Naga Talents Promo?
Angeu Disuang: Well…. To be honest before joining G. V. H and N. T. P I was quite new in music arena though I love singing. My participation in this show has really shaped me up and rebuild my weaknesses in a different angle and the experience of every stage of the show built me up stronger and mature in the field of music.

EASTERN MIRROR: Would you like to share some challenges that you face as a musician?
Angeu Disuang: We all know the fact that music has and always played a significant role in reviving so many souls, whether it might be Gospel, pop, love, rock, folk, etc and we have seen so many great artists in so many centuries, but the popularity and demand of Naga musician is very less and is given less attention though people love it. This really puts the morale down for so many artists. I think this is the biggest challenge in my view.

EASTERN MIRROR: If you could collaborate with anybody going forward, who would you choose and why?
Angeu Disuang: There are so many good artists and musicians who really touched my soul with their songs. Indeed I could say that every Naga artist is significantly blessed with one or the other thing. So, I think working with any good artist will be my greatest honour, because I will learn so many new things that will help in shaping my musical career and bring it to the next level.

Eastern Mirror: Favourite quote.
Angeu Disuang: Be a change, don’t be a daydreamer.

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