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Revive the economy together

By   /  October 5, 2017  /  Comments Off on Revive the economy together

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A lot is being said about the economic situation of the country.  People from all walks of life, including senior BJP leaders like Yashwant Singh are criticising the Modi Government.  Some umbrella organisations of RSS are also critical of the economic policy followed by the Central Government. This list will get longer if we include the opposition parties in it. The government on its part has denied all allegations and claimed that Indian economy is growing steadily. Amidst such claims and counter claims common people are perplexed and undecided about whom to believe.  So what is the reality?
It would not be an exaggeration to say that economic development of India has always remained lop-sided. Handful of people captured the fruits of development, while the majority kept on aspiring to be benefitted by the same.  To be honest we should admit now that we have failed miserably in our fight against poverty.  Definitely some developments have taken place over the years. But it was meant to cater the needs of few blessed citizens of the country.  Others are still living in the dark.  Clearly during the first seven decades of our Independence we have only managed to create two India. One India is for the rich consisting merely 20 per cent of our population and the other comprising the real India, where the people are devoid of basic needs.
Initially our rulers tried to ensure upliftment of rural people, backbone of India. Unfortunately all such plans remained confined in files. In the first five years plan emphasis was on agriculture.  Few dams were built.  Irrigation facilities increased.  But during the second plan period the focus changed suddenly.  We embarked on trip to set up big industries without realising that agriculture is our real strength and that should be strengthened at any cost. But we left the job halfway.  Thus it is no wonder that though more than 50 per cent of Indian population is engaged in agriculture, the sector contributes only four per cent to our GDP. Then the new economic policy was introduced in the nineties.  After practicing mixed economy for nearly four decades suddenly the country became a strong advocate of open economy.  As a direct fall out of the new policy government spending drastically came down and those who are only interested in counting the profits made strong entry an entry. Initially, it delivered some goods. But over the years for various reasons the new economic policy could not deliver the desired results. As a result our economy at present is standing at a crossroad.
Thus it is time now for all concerned to put their heads together and find a way out to revive the economy. Mere blame game will not lead us anywhere. The government on its part should reach to all experts and political parties to reach to a consensus on the steps to be taken to strength the economy. On the other hand, by merely opposing the government, the opposition parties would do more harm to the nation. These parties should stand by the side of the government so that Indian populace do not suffer.
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