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Pakistan’s Peace Offer: Poor Bowling

By   /  December 2, 2018  /  Comments Off on Pakistan’s Peace Offer: Poor Bowling

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Any peace initiative should be welcomed. But when the peace initiative is described as a ‘googly’ by none other than a responsible minister of the government, the offer simply cannot be trusted. This is exactly what has happened regarding Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s offer to start dialogue with India, which New Delhi has rejected without any hesitation.

Cricketer turned politician Khan’s desperation to engage India in peace talks is easily understandable. The world is no longer interested in turning a blind eye to Pakistan’s adventures with terrorism. Without mincing any word, US President Donald Trump had virtually condemned India’s neighbour for providing safe haven to the enemies of mankind. President Trump had even gone to the extent of cutting financial aid to Pakistan. Even China, the country which stood solidly behind Pakistan in an effort to keep India under pressure, is slowly but surely changing its stand. Although it has sanctioned some financial help to that country, Beijing is clearly not happy at the manner Pakistan is sheltering terrorists. China is already feeling the pinch now that its ambitious billion-dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project is being hampered by terrorist activities. Western nations have already termed Pakistan the breeding ground of terror. The situation is such that even Muslim nations are also showing reluctance to side with Pakistan. All in all Pakistan is virtually cornered today. The country has no friends because it harbours terror. In such a situation, it is natural for Pakistan to initiate dialogue with India to show the world that the country is also for peace. India is the country that has been most affected by Pakistan-aided terrorism. India had always demanded that Pakistan stop aiding terrorists to improve bilateral ties. Not once but many times has India exposed Pakistan to the entire world for embracing terrorism. The 26/11 Mumbai attack was an eye opener to the nations of the world. Now, every nation realises that if Pakistan remains the breeding ground for terror, the world will never be a safe place to live in.

So, the question that arises naturally is what use will having a dialogue with Pakistan be when the country’s mindset is yet to be changed? The Pakistani minister might think that the peace proposal was a ‘googly’ to India. But he should know that not all googlies fetch wickets. Some googlies might even go for a maximum. The so-called present googly will also meet the same fate. Thus, it is time now for Pakistan to realise that nothing can be achieved through lies and propaganda. If the country is really interested in peace it will have to first act against the terrorists who have taken shelter in their country to escape international laws. Propagators of terror Hafez Saied and others should be booked. All terror camps and terror sleeper cells should be destroyed without further delay. Only then will India and the entire world stop doubting Pakistan’s intentions. Otherwise, no one will take any call from Pakistan seriously. The country will always be treated as the one that breeds terror. To change how the world looks at it, Pakistan should change itself first.

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