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Is our moral conduct intact?

By   /  January 4, 2017  /  Comments Off on Is our moral conduct intact?

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Nagas were once called honest and hardworking people, of strong moral conduct and social traditional ethics. Yet, over the years, these qualities have become polluted and today, our society is more or less in shambles. In their endeavours to gain worldly wealth, the people have become selfish, the moral philosophies and tenets of the olden days forgotten.

Although moral ethics are not written in black and white like the rule of law- they are more of principles that govern a person’s behaviour, arising from the conscience to determine right and wrong- attrition of such values can negatively impact a society.

Now, when people want to get personal benefits, they act unethically without concern for others, thereby affecting the level of trust among the people. Ultimately, the society will develop into a lower state of harmony due to distrust.

That there is a looming distrust in the present Naga society today is undeniable, more predominantly on decision makers by the public. Blaming one another and the government without doing much about the problem at hand ourselves, finger-pointing, suspicion, criticizing, bitterness, hatred, you name it, our people have easily become accustomed to these negativities. We must remind ourselves that a strong moral conduct helps to create a harmonious and conforming environment. We call ourselves Christians, yet, are we living as true Christians, applying the principles of Christianity to our daily lives? For that matter, any mainstream religion propagates for kindness, love and doing good to others. Any person of strong faith would uphold such virtues. So where do we stand here?

Amidst the troubles of the world, ethics continue to act as a guiding force to steer an individual’s sense of right and wrong. It is up to us now to rethink on the much reiterated principles that our forefathers were known for, and try to reinforce them in ourselves if we want our society to progress into a vibrant one.

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