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Intolerance in Our Country

By   /  March 8, 2018  /  Comments Off on Intolerance in Our Country

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Do we require any more proof about the prevailing intolerance in our country? The manner in which statues of great personalities are being destroyed, clearly points out that India is no longer a country where different ideologies can peacefully co-exist. It is not the country where Mahatma Gandhi preached non violence. It is not the country of the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives to free India from British rule. Rather, over the years, the country has turned in to a land of revenge, graveyard of ideologies, where hooligans are more powerful than the people who are responsible to maintain law and order. Our law enforcing has become so weak that in full public view the anti-socials could pull down the statue of Vladimir Lenin, where the police was mere spectators and real spectators were busy in photographing the incident. The very fact that even after knowing that they are being photographed, the hooligans do not deter from destroying the statue, provides us ample proof that they are no more afraid of law. They think themselves above the law. More worrying that the lawlessness, which started from Tripura and spread all over the country like a wildfire and even the Father of the Nation was not spared.

Time has come now to ask some very pertinent questions to the perpetrators of such crimes. Are they interested in taking India back to the medieval age? Otherwise what prompted them to go on to destruct statues of those persons who contributed immensely towards the society and for the well being of mankind? Does winning an election give them the right to do whatever they like? We have all the sympathy for the victims of political violence. No civilised person can support violence in any form at any level. We strongly believe that law of the land has enough teeth to deal with any kind of abuse. So those who have been victimised will get justice, sooner or later. It is for them to realise that bringing down statues will make their wait for justice longer as it will simply divert the attention from the real issue to a shameful event. That is exactly what is happening after the spurt of attacks on statues. Now, no one is talking about the atrocities committed on the right-wing supporters by the Leftist forces. Similarly, the ultra-Left forces, which blackened the statue of Jan Singh founder Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukhejee, did no good to Left ideology. Rather, from now onwards it is bound to be regarded as an irresponsible radical force. Both the sides should realise that by bringing down the statues of Lenin or Gandhi, they will not be able to kill the ideologies of these two great men of 19th century. On the other hand, such attacks will make their ideologies stronger.

It is heartening to see that soon after these shameful acts, Prime Minister Narendra Modi condemned attacks on the statues. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee also protested against such barbarism. But mere words will not be sufficient. The offenders should be punished without any delay. By attacking the statues of great men, they have not only targeted a particular ideology, but also thrown challenge at the rule of the land. So, they should not be spared under any pretext.

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