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Gloomy Clouds On Nagas’ Horizon

By   /  April 7, 2017  /  Comments Off on Gloomy Clouds On Nagas’ Horizon

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Freedom of speech and expression is one of the most important fundamental rights in democracy; however there must be space for legitimate criticism and dissent. This statement is issued to tell every single Naga, that undeniably a seed of hatred had been indoctrinated and unleashed fresh disparity among the Nagas is on offer, displaying on the front page, endorsed by handful of groups and individuals inclining towards group-ism end, without properly assessing the eventuality, aftermath, political error and long term consequences that may betray the legacy of inalienable right of Nagas.

The current affairs of the Naga society are in disorganized signaling total destruction ahead unless the trend is altered. Nagas needs to heed the warning bells. The truth is that Nagas are not destined to be Indian neither by creation nor by subjection. But in the past, when Nagas were in deep slumber, our land has been divided arbitrarily. Further, the Nagas have committed a nightmare decision to create an Indian state within our land. At present Naga society is filled with confusion and commotion we are into crucial and decisive period. The Nagas at this present juncture, experiencing the realistic hardship to build firm common ground for the acceptable solution no doubt, but baffled and entangled by too many splinter groups. None should prey on the front page to exhibit misleading write-ups, with concocted fairy tales and lofty claims that hold no water. We already have enough issues at hand to deal with. So, why should we waste our time trying to plunge “back to square one”.

That unquestionably emancipates misfortunes staring at the Naga’s in the event formation of new platform to voice for the ‘Nagas of Nagaland’ or ‘Mainland Nagas’ when the NSCN and the GoI are entering into a final political agreement on behalf of all Nagas inhabited area. The spirit of oneness among the Nagas should be evolving at this time. Crystal clearly envisions that it would be a breach of moral trust and support of Naga people. if the political arrangement does not cover the areas of present state of Nagaland, Nagas area of Manipur or Nagas areas in Assam or Nagas area of Arunachal Pradesh.

Today we have been a silent spectator and observing the brouhaha over the formation of new platform for political arrangement only for “Naga’s of Nagaland’’ or “Mainland Nagas” by some groups. The recurrence of violence and bloodshed post solution is more dangerous because the whole lot is at decisive period. Commencement from the submission of memorandum to Simon Commission in 1929 it is now nearly nine (9) decades old of indo-Naga political imbroglio and its solution demands Naga people’s participation with clear conscious and vision. The solution between GoI and NSCN is truly an aspired and cherished dream of Nagas, even an orphan whose parents were killed in the name of Nagas cause and even those who are being maimed or incapacitated or crippled freedom fighters will nod in harmony for may live in peace. However, any endeavour to create division will be disturbing political step a stumbling block leaping towards for another ‘Shillong Accord’ which was “a prostrate capitulation to India” the most ignominious sell-out ever made in the history of proud-Nagas. None should attempt to pursuit for individual gains, decorate one with medals and trophies but at this juncture Nagas need to restore dignity in one voice to the unjust legacy of human suffering as a result of the long unresolved Indo-Naga conflict. Clearly knowing that a political blunder in the past had brought untold misery and suffering into Nagalim.

It is wise and sensible on the part of Naga legislators to tell and enlighten the Naga people clearly to give the surety to step down from power to pave the way in the event of a political solution with GoI. It surely motivate and revitalize the Naga political struggle and such spirits fortify the affection of comrades and proved that in spite of the dissimilarities in our ways of concern to the core of the Naga issue the common principle remains same. It is a tremendous and remarkable decision announcement.

In this regard, fervently appealed to those innocent Naga’s, who have allied with such groups, to reassess “because sugary loaded intentions they uttered are nothing but to conceal the remarkable struggle into a meagre history”. Now whatever be the past tomorrow is our future. The sacred cause of the Naga struggle cannot be bought or sold or exchange with gold, we need to stand committed truthful under any circumstances not to make another mistakes that the younger generation will blame us.

Nagas have endured enough of humiliation and betrayal in the past. Peace is so dear to the Nagas and therefore any political solution between GoI and Nagas should be honourable, agreeable and acceptable to the Nagas. Yet, we express optimism that in the days to come, Nagas as a whole, would come to terms and will be able to sail together because this is the only way to build safer, better and prosperous Nagalim.

Er.A.Akaho Assumi
Sughuna, Nagaland

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