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Fleas in Cat and its Preventive Measures

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Fleas are tiny brown coloured hard bodied, wingless insects that pierce the skin through their mouth to suck blood. The fleas which feed off cats, dogs and human are known as the Ctenocephalidesfelis. Fleas in cat causes severe itching and scratching resulting in weakness, anaemia, restlessness and scratch wound all over their body. Fleas are the most common source of skin disease in cats namely Flea Allergy Dermatitis

Signs of Fleas in Cat:
1. Cat is seen scratching and biting incessantly of lately
2. Closely scanning the fur small dark brown insects are seen in cat with fleas
3. In severe infestation flea dirt and flea eggs are visible around the scarcely furred underbelly of the cat. Flea dirt appears black in colour; they are flea faeces from the digested cat blood. Flea eggs look like tiny white sand grains are found all over cat fur and bedding materials

Some Preventive Measures to get rid of Fleas in Cat:
1. Regularly wash and clean all the nooks and corners of the cat house, bedding materials and food/ water utensils with disinfectant solution
2. Dispose of any bedding materials that is infested with flea dirt and flea eggs
3. Regular brushing and grooming of your cat using flea comb
4. Bath your cat at least once a month by using flea soap/shampoo and apply flea spray
5. Provide your cat with flea collar
6. Regular and timely deworming and vaccination

In case of severe flea infestation in your cat ,the owner should consult a veterinarian or visit the nearest Veterinary Health Centre along with the cat for proper and timely treatment, since flea infestation is also a highly contagious disease that may spread among cats, dogs and even to human beings.

Veterinary Hospital, Kohima

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