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Counting Days

By   /  April 12, 2018  /  Comments Off on Counting Days

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With the din of the elections over in the state and the bustle during the allocation of portfolios and the subsequent Budget Session of the Assembly, the atmosphere for past few weeks can be termed as calm. There is also a noticeable decrease in political posts and discussions even in social media the last few days except for the issue regarding the appointment of the Director General of Police. In its initial gusto the present PDA government seems to be trying its best to implement the things that it had promised before the elections, with noticeable gaffes too here and there. It is expected that the present government will get enough time without any major problems being created by any organisation for at least another two months till Monsoon arrives. Along with the many benefits of Monsoon in this part of the world, the Monsoon rains will create havoc in all development related activities in the state especially in road construction. The readiness of the government will be tested during those months.

The people of the state, a state that is developing is prone to lack in many areas. However, the conflict situation that was prevalent in the state for so many years has made the people unsure of what they really want. Going by the various demands that are made to the government from time to time by the Civil Society indicates that the people of the state are yet to learn how to prioritise their needs and wants. In such a scenario the government of the day need to take more learned decisions with a necessity to always bridge the gap with proper consultation and negotiation. Sadly for the government, as public memory is short, the people will no longer remember the many restrictions and difficulties that were earlier prevalent in the state. That mobile phones were once restricted in Nagaland. That the Restricted Area Permits was very stringent until relaxation was given. That the air and rail connectivity has improved over the years. That passport can now be applied from within the state. That the health sector has improved substantially in the state and the latest data indicates that the state has outranked many other richer states.

All the past achievements or the developmental advancements made over the years cannot be highlighted or accentuated unless there is noticeable development in the three basic requirements in the state— roads, electricity and the government run health sector. If only these three areas can be improved immediately then all the other achievements that the government makes can be highlighted. Moreover, only with a strong infrastructure with a healthy workforce will the other sectors flourish. With the 100-day action plan that the present govt. had set to complete by mid June and with a month already over, it is time to set things in motion.

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