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ANSTA, Rejoinder to “Private Schools: The Unsung Leaders of School Education in Nagaland”

By   /  March 16, 2019  /  Comments Off on ANSTA, Rejoinder to “Private Schools: The Unsung Leaders of School Education in Nagaland”

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Going by the above said article publish in media on 11th March,2019,by ANSPA president,I as the president of ANSTA,am apprehensive of the interest at the same time the intention,which consists of many incorrect and confusing arguments of the author Dr.Andrew Ahoto.It is somewhat clear that the writer has a prejudice approach towards govt.employees and the govt.system itself.Obviously being the president of the prestigious association,he has an obligation to advocate for the private schools for which he is selected and deputed to,but throwing extremely ridiculous and incorrect arguments is disappointing.He/ ANPSA have no right to condemn the govt.school teachers because we are not his/ their employees.We are govt.employees and so if we have shortcomings govt. has the authority and right to condemn,check or question its employees not the private schools.The writer cannot say govt.schools are redundant now,many govt.schools are doing very well with the raw quality students,passed TC disciplinary problems students,thrown out from private schools like unwanted commodities are being shape and moulded by us.The article starts with a quoting, which is indirectly hinting that all the govt.schools/teachers intentionally destroy the quality of education in our state and encourage cheating in examinations.The observation reads that “The govt.schools teachers allow unfair means is highly objectionable. If the writer has the proof and evidence of the said allegation,he could or should have reported it to the NBSE or school education dept.immediately.Sitting comfortably in the A/C rooms and simply throwing mud against the whole system without proper reasoning is simply ridiculous.I strongly urge the department to look into the very serious allegations and make sure to get the proof from the writer,or else,he has to apologise publically through proper media for levelling the unfair attempt.

Again,in the write up,”It is observed that often private school teachers are more qualified and experienced teachers”.Does the author establish proper data’s and facts?Does he have all the lists of govt.teachers,their qualification and experience?If so he is kindly requested to publish both govt./Private teachers details,so that public can do the comparison.Does the author mean that all the govt.run schools and hospitals are to be closed as pointed by him? Is he a propagate of private sector.You may be surprised to know that more than 80% of students in govt.schools are from socially,economically deprived families unlike the private schools students.It is necessary to compare the qualitative inputs and occurred outcome,instead of blindly blaming.Comparing the govt.system with a privately managed single unit is absurd.In other words it is just like comparing a well maintained single family with the whole state.

To show and to produce good result,most of the private schools admit only the creamy layers students,that also after much screening through entrance tests etc., whereas govt. schools give admissions to anyone seeking admission to any class irrespective of their background.As written in his article “It is quite easy to pick up a diamond and polish to sell it but it is very difficult to turn coal into diamonds”.

In regards to the prestigious state Teachers awards ,the author again makes self-style general and propagate by claiming that private schools teachers are side lined or less favoured in the selection process is another blind shot without bullet where I would strongly urge him to ask in detail with one of his own ANPSA colleagues/executive senior member from Kohima unit who was the member in the drafting committee for state Teachers award criteria/selections, who himself has put forward many good points in favour of teachers in common and has being representing ANPSA attending the state level award selection committee for the last 3-4 years and to come out crystal clear with full proof as to how the private teachers were side lined,neglected in the selection process. If proved right,I would personally stand true to my words and to speak in favour of my counter parts allegations and request the committee to select and award 100% most prestigious teachers awards to private schools teachers instead of only 20% as highlights and alleged by the president ANPSA.

“As per my observations and opinion since education dept.and the govt.is well aware and committed to its duties and objectives,such baseless propagandas are to be rejected out rightly by govt.schools teachers of any categories serving in various parts of Nagaland.

Visato Koso
President ANSTA

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