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An irrefutable testament to Neiphiu Rio’s leadership

The outpour of such adoration from a mammoth assembly of people on Tuesday afternoon at the airport was an irrefutable testament to Neiphiu Rio’s status as one of the tallest, if not the tallest, Naga leaders today. Rio arrived home today at around 12.40 pm.

The convergence of the people – whose sheer numbers made the event look like an epic political rally instead of a reception event – at the airport was a clear message as to where the public loyalty lies in the aftermath of the suspension of Rio by the NPF leadership. His arrival coincided with the 2nd year anniversary of the present DAN government.

Eastern Mirror shares some of the pictures from the reception accorded to Neiphiu Rio at the airport on Tuesday:    

Always good to be home!Slide thumbnail

Flowers for the Lok Sabha member.

Rio vowed to keep fighting for the truth.

Little one knows where the camera is.
Even cops need shades.

As far as from Longleng, supporters converged at Dimapur airport.

Police and riot gear with some of the people.

Riot police was in place.

Shade beneath the trees!

Supporters started pouring in early morning.

The women contingent, as ever, was represented well.

It was a hot day!

Umbrellas under the trees too.