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A Sad Day for Mankind

By   /  March 17, 2019  /  Comments Off on A Sad Day for Mankind

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The world has progressed. Science has brought us out from darkness. But our mindsets have not been changed. In our minds we are still carrying the legacy (sic) of the medieval era, where an eye for an eye was used to remedy all disputes.

That dark age seems to have made a comeback. Look closely at what happened in Christchurch. In a well thought out plan, a person along with few of his accomplices, targeted innocent people near two mosques in Christchurch city in New Zealand, a place known to be among the most peaceful places in the world. The perpetrators of such a heinous crime were so determined to play with human flesh and blood that they even recorded the crime and telecasted it live. They picked their spots with utmost precision. They knew that on Fridays hundreds of people gather there to offer weekly prayer. Just imagine how cruel man can be that they don’t think twice before opening fire on those offering prayers to the Almighty.

No matter what happens to the culprits after being captured, the fact remains that in Christ church on that fateful day humanity was killed. More importantly, along with the killer and his accomplices, we all are responsible for such a horrific crime against humanity. Everyone knew that were playing with fire. One day the very fire will destroy our entire society. Yet, we kept mum. We made no efforts to prevent this fire from spreading. As a result, today we find blood stains in every nook and corner of the world.

What caused this fire? Clearly the lust for power and supremacy is the root cause of taking us on the brink of destruction. Which country will rule the world? Which religion should have an upper hand in the world? Which country will be the richest? We are entirely focused on these issues. We are so obsessed with such thoughts that we cannot find time to think about the depressed. When the depressed sought their dues, we have always silenced them with brute force.

Disparity, oppression along with few other reasons has given birth to violence. Quite interestingly, instead of removing the causes of violence from its root, we tried to counter violence with violence. It is not that we were not aware about the outcome; how futile and counterproductive such efforts can be in future. But our pride and ego have prevented us from digging it out from its root. When World Trade Centre was attacked, we replied by bombing in Afghanistan. If someone refuses to accept our hegemony (read Saddam Hussein) we simply killed him. But when one country continues to protect Masood Azhar from being declared as a ‘Global Terrorist,’ we all are watching helplessly. It is this hypocrisy which has actually taken 49 innocent lives as the killer drew strength from our ostrich like attitude towards depression, inequality and poverty.

So it is no wonder that the killer is smiling even in custody. Many more Pulwama or Christchurch incidences are in the offing. In today’s life, peace has no place. We have to make amends. Otherwise, the day is not far when guns will rule this world and voice of sanity will disappear forever.


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